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Mini 0806 Coming to Australia - NOW SELLING!

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We get alot of questions asked about the release date of the latest Mini 0806 Dashcam. SportGPS has been in discussion with the manufacturer and working closely with them to be able to offer the latest range of Mini series cams to our Australian Customers. While we would love to be able to tell you it will be here in time for Xmas, we cant promise.

The manufacturer has taken onboard many suggestions and worked in lots of improvements to the new model. The addition of multiple air vents will be a welcome addition and help greatly with any heat related issue in previous model (especially in warmer climates). The manufacturer has gone back to their roots somewhat with the body taking the form of earlier versions of the cam (circa 0802).

Whats New in the Mini 0806 Dashcam?

Easy to see led lights on the front of the unit to show you the status of the Power, Recording Cycle and GPS Status easily. The unit also comes with a CPL lens filter (Circular Polarizing Filter) as standard now which should enable far greater video quality in even the brightest sunlight giving you sharper video capture with excellent contrast balance

The Mini 0806 will also enable mounting on both left and right hand sides via the 160 degree rotating axis.

Essentially the menu driving the unit will remain the same with afew small additions. One of the big improvements to the unit is the addition of the ability to capture the video at 45 Frames per second in Full HD 1080P mode (an increase from the standard of 30 Frames per second). This will see a dramatic improvement in the quality of the video captured. Standard 30FPS is also still available as well as their HDR and 720P modes. (720P also comes with 60 FPS mode). They have also kept the Super High Definition mode of 1296P that became popular in the Mini 0803 and 0805 cameras. New video capture format also is the "Cinema" 21:9 2550x1080P 30FPS mode. While Im not sure that we would ever go beyond the standard 1080P for various reasons (including files size), knowing that the unit is capable of recording in the various modes should we feel the need to makes this a power packed little unit.

So when is the unit going to be available you ask? After speaking to the manufacturer they have advised us that we should be able to get our hands on it by the end of 2014. We expect to have the unit in our hands on or about the 20th December and test it fully for a couple of days. If all goes well we hope to have it available for sale just prior to the new year and definitely in early January.

PreProduction video preview of the new Mini 0806 Dashcam unit below